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The Union VMS project revolves around the management of the first source donation presented to the FOCUS community. The donation was presented to the Community by the two collaborating teams (SWE and DG MARE). A secondary effort and forthcoming donation has been initiated by the BEL Government producing an integrated sales component.

The Union VMS project have a JIRA Space where the backlogg and ongoing issues are managed. On this Confluence Space the Union VMS project will publish all related documents and plans for the source. A distinction between JIRA and Confluence for this project is that documentation that is less dynamic and have a longevity that correlates with the product rather then a issue/feature will be put in Confluence, Issue/feature related documentation will be placed in Jira.

The team

Ivo Georgiev

Project Lead, SWE

Cedric Lathuy

Team Lead, COM

Steven De Backer

Team Lead, BEL

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