Union VMS - Simulators


To be able to test external system sending data to the UVMS system and generate load to a running UVMS system.


A excutable jar that simulates a telnet connection to a simlulated LES (Land Earth Station).

Inmarsat-C PSDN & TCP/IP User Interface Manual - Only "login" and poll ( CONFIG, SAMPLING, POLL)

The server is feed with memberid.xml - a list of inmarsat-cd  memberids that the system generates data for and dnid.xml 

Server is started by default on port 8585 and listens on dnid 9000 but can be changed with argument "–port=[nnnn]" and --dnid=[nnnn,nnnn,nnnn] 

java -jar --port=8586 --dnid=10095,10034 UVMS-LESServerSimulator-<VERSION>.jar

Github: https://github.com/UnionVMS/UVMS-LESSimulatorServer/

CI : https://jenkins.focus.fish/view/Simulators/job/UVMS-LesSimulator/

CI-PR : https://jenkins.focus.fish/view/Simulators/job/UVMS-LesSimulator-Pull-Request/

Sonar: https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=fish.focus.uvms.simulator.les%3AUVMS-LESServerSimulator